Yellowfields is the trading name of Jason Clark MA FBCartS FRGS, a cartographer (map maker) and graphic designer with 30 years (ouch!) of experience. This has covered feasibility studies, concept development, design, production and project management — applied most extensively within the fields of transportation (transport information systems), town planning, urban design, architecture and wayfinding. Even after this amount of time, Jason still has immense enthusiasm for solving problems and creating informed and appropriate solutions!

“Mapping is an increasingly vital activity, one that undergirds diverse disciplines and transcends the supposed physical/digital divide.”

Janet Abrams & Peter Hall, Eds. Else/Where: Mapping New Cartographies of Networks and Territories

He has particular knowledge of cartographic design, graphic design and information design, as well as the fields of illustration, 2D and 3D visualisation. Jason’s training, education and experience are firmly grounded within both the disciplines of cartography and graphic design. This has enabled a much wider and deeper understanding of both disciplines—their history, theory and techniques. This also forms the basis of his personal research.

For over 13 years Jason has worked as a freelance cartographer and graphic designer, gaining further understanding of wayfinding, from strategy through to detailed signage design. Working with class-leading companies such as City ID, he has gained experience across the numerous processes and factors that impact upon this field, such as urban analysis, movement planning, information architecture and planning, user-centred design, 2D and 3D visualisation, map design, pictogram design, typeface selection, production artwork, design guidelines and much more.

Prior to this he spent over 10 years working in London, firstly as a Graphic Designer and Cartographer at Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners, now Lichfields (national town planning, design and economics consultants), then latterly, as a Principal Consultant in Visual Communications at Steer Davies Gleave, now Steer (international transport, infrastructure and economics consultancy). Jason’s early career was spent in local authorities running graphic design and cartography functions. He implemented a digital workflow solution between a geographical information system (GIS) and desktop publishing (DTP) system in the mid-90s that saw the the UK’s first Local Plan produced that was derived from large-scale Ordnance Survey (OS MasterMap) data—vector, not raster as was the norm.

Today, he has refocused on cartography (map design and production), including illustration and information design. This includes all kinds of special purpose and thematic mapping such as concept (abstract) mapping, line diagrams, location plans, grounds/estate maps. visitor maps, gaming maps, recreational maps, transport network plans and other topographic maps. Though based in south Devon, Jason has worked on projects throughout the UK and much further afield, including Italy, Russia, United Arab Emirates and the United States. He continues to do so for a wide range of clients across all sectors.

Whilst Jason’s original training covered scribing and hand-drawing maps, he now employs a wide range of digital tools, including: Adobe Illustrator, Cartographica GIS, QGIS, SketchUp and numerous other specialist utilities. He is also gaining widening understanding and knowledge of tools and frameworks aimed at online and app-based solutions, including Mapbox, Kartograph, D3.js, JavaScript, R and Python.

A resumé, Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) of engagement and his Professional Practice note are available on request. Jason is a Fellow of the British Cartographic Society (FBCartS), a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society (FRGS) and an Affiliate of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI); the original class of a Technical member (TechRTPI) ceased in 2016.

This site represents a mere snapshot of projects Jason has worked on over more recent years. Whether you need an office location plan or an entire city mapped for a pedestrian wayfinding scheme, Jason is happy to chat about your ideas or requirements, so drop him a line.


I’ve posted this article for no more reason than to demonstrate one of the best and easiest to use browser-based 3D viewers available, not to mention an excellent resource of 3D models—Sketchfab. [ more… ]


No sooner had I picked up on one new online mapping framework, the OS Open Zoomstack, than another appears! Illustreets follows the usual formula, but with each new framework that gets released [ more… ]

OS Open Zoomstack

The world of online mapping frameworks moves apace! Now, even the monolithic mapping organisation, the Ordnance Survey, is involved. In July, they launched OS Open Zoomstack, providing vector tiles of their open data themes. [ more… ]

Hotel Visitor Map

Development work for a hotel visitor map, unrealised. Simplified approach to make the most of a small A5 printed format. The design reflected brand identity guidelines and needed to be dual language. [ more… ]

Town Planning Support

Throughout his career Jason has provided supporting services to chartered town and country planning organisations. This has included everything from planning application plans through to Design and Access Statement documents. [ more… ]

Visual Thinking

Having been embedded within graphic design and cartography for 30 years now, one recurring disappointment for me is the amount of ‘new’ conceptual and theoretical thinking, and object creation, that really is not new. [ more… ]


Uber—who would thought—have released kepler.gl, an open-source geospatial toolbox. It’s designed to provide the easiest way of visualising geospatial data and gaining useful insights. [ more… ]

Beyond HS2

This project, commissioned by Greengauge 21, required a mix of maps, infographics and DTP to create a 200-page technical report which offers a comprehensive view of what Britain’s railway should look like by the middle of the century. [ more… ]


Not to be confused with Mapbox’s nonsensical hijacking of the term for creating colour styles, cartograms are extraordinary map types. The relaunch of Worldmapper in April 2018 celebrates this form of mapping. [ more… ]

Google Earth

When it was first released 16 years ago, it was an incredible virtual experience to be able to travel around the globe and look at anywhere in a level of detail previously not seen, and it still is today! [ more… ]

National Geographic

Since the very first issue in 1888, the National Geographic magazine has been the benchmark for quality researched articles supported by well-crafted graphics. [ more… ]

Game Reserve

A land owner in South Africa commissioned Jason to design and produce a map that depicted their 27,000ha game reserve. [ more… ]

Goldsmiths University

Goldsmiths, University of London, commissioned Jason to create a new campus map and sign artwork [ more… ]

Square Up Wall Mural

Square Up contacted Jason for ideas to decorate a reception wall for a new London HQ. [ more… ]


There is always an aspect of work that emerges out of error, experimentation and/or serendipity. [ more… ]

Bay Area Bike Share

Leading wayfinding practitioners, City ID, asked Jason to help develop the cartography for the Bay Area Bike Share project in San Francisco, USA. [ more… ]

Big Data Visualisation

Visualisations of ‘big data’ have been commonplace over the last few years, though their is still much debate to be had about the value of many of them beyond their visually interesting presentation. [ more… ]

Choosing a Monitor

Screen estate and colour are very important to a cartographer. Maps can be any size from A6 to more than 5m×5m square. [ more… ]

Ham & Petersham

Nick Avery Design commissioned Jason to produce a supporting map for a book designed for self-publishing author, Vanessa Fison. [ more… ]

An Open-source World

Over the last few years we have seen the release of numerous mapping platforms/frameworks to allow the manipulation and representation of open-source mapping and other spatial data. [ more… ]

OS Maps – the App

Recently, the Ordnance Survey (OS) updated an app for both mobile and desktop devices that utilises their 1:25,000 Explorer and 1:50,000 Landranger maps—classic OS mapping at it’s best. [ more… ]

Swiss National Mapping

Swiss topography has long been regarded as the epitome of this form of mapping, often characterised by the iconic hill shading techniques of the late Eduard Imhof, professor of cartography at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. [ more… ]

Derby Riverside


Engaged by Derby City Council (DCC), Jason has designed and produced the mapping for four new wayfinding signs. [ more… ]

Relief Shading, Part I

As we seem to be moving in to presentational modes where 3D (mapping) is becoming ever more commonplace, enabled by software and hardware advances, it is relevant to look back [ more… ]

Walks of Churchill Guide

Jason was commissioned by Nick Avery Design to design and produce two maps to be used in a walking tour guide on Winston Churchill. [ more… ]

Zombies, Run! Board Game

A rather unusual request arrived from Six to Start, an independent games developer and entertainment company based in London. [ more… ]

Samlesbury Hall

Jason was engaged by Samlesbury Hall Trust, who maintain and run the historic house and grounds in Lancashire of the same name, to re-design and produce a new visitor plan and accompanying floorplans. [ more… ]

Wayfinding Mapping, UAE

Jason was engaged by Progress Creative, based in Dubai, to assist them develop the pedestrian mapping for a new mixed development west of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). [ more… ]