Jason has spent 30 years working in cartography (map design and production), graphic and information design. This has covered everything from feasibility studies, concept development, design, production and project management applied within the fields of transportation (transport information systems), town planning, urban design, architecture, wayfinding, publishing and in most recent times, for digital applications.

Core offer

  • Cartographic design and production
  • Illustration
  • Information design
  • Information planning
  • Graphic design
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis
  • Photogrammetry (image capture, processing and 3D model creation).


In essence, any form of mapping can be created based upon real‐​world topography, special purpose or thematic in nature, covering a wide range of themes including, but not limited to:

  • Visitors/​tourists
  • Wayfinding
  • Location
  • Recreation
  • Planning applications
  • Transport networks
  • Land use
  • Urban development
  • Masterplanning
  • Facilities management
  • Publishing
  • (Decorative) Wall Maps
  • Games
  • Conservation
  • Park and reserve management.


Jason uses a range of tools to achieve the desired solutions, including Adobe Illustrator, Cartographica GIS, QGIS, Ortelius, Affinity Designer, SketchUp and numerous other specialist utilities. He is also gaining wider understanding of new tools and frameworks aimed at online and app‐​based solutions, including Mapbox, Kartograph, D3.js, R, Python and Processing.

Wider experience

His experience also covers feasibility studies, proposal submission, concept development, design, production and project management, including ISO 9001, the internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS). As such, he also offers these related consulting and practice‐​based services:

  • Design research and discovery
  • Design direction
  • Visual audits
  • Feasibility studies
  • Proposition development
  • Proposal submission
  • Project management
  • Strategy development
  • Training and tutoring.

A resumé, specific terms and conditions (T&Cs) of engagement and his professional practice note are available on request. He has worked for a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors, a selection of which are to be found here. Jason is happy to talk freely about how he might be able to help, so drop him a line.

Montage of generic supporting design services, covering print, identity and signing.

Rail and Bus Connectivity

Map showing rail/bus connectivity in the West of England (extracted as spread from distributed document)

Greengauge 21 champion high‐​speed rail on a day‐​today basis, but they also look to reveal other opportunities to improve public transport provision. [ more… ]

Infrastructure Wayfinding

Yellowfields was approached by PlantQuest, providing data‐​driven location solutions for asset intensive facilities, to develop an imaginary infrastructure plan to test and develop a mobile‐​based location services app [ more… ]

Hotel Visitor Map

Wangjing visitor map concept

The above shows the design development work for a ‘visitor map’ for a Hyatt Regency hotel in Beijing, China. [ more… ]

Town Planning Graphics

Example document spread from a planning site promotion document

Starting with the first ever project, Yellowfields has provided supporting services to chartered town and country planning organisations. This has included everything from maps for planning applications through to Design and Access Statement documents. [ more… ]

Beyond HS2

Chord diagram to demonstrate rail connectivity between UK cities

Commissioned by Greengauge 21, high‐​speed rail ‘champions’, Yellowfields created a mix of maps and infographics for a 200‐​page technical report which offers a comprehensive view of what Britain’s railway should look like by the middle of the century. [ more… ]

Game Reserve

Extract from a map created for a South African game reserve

A land owner in South Africa commissioned Yellowfields to design and produce a map that depicted their 27,000 ha game reserve. [ more… ]

Goldsmiths University

Example ‘heads-up’ map panel used on one of the wayfinding totems on the Goldsmiths University campus

Goldsmiths, University of London, commissioned Yellowfields to create a new campus map and sign artwork [ more… ]

Square Up Wall Mural

Extract from the wall map created for Square Up to use in their London HQ reception area

Square Up, a global financial services company, contacted Yellowfields to create a map‐​based artwork to cover a wall in their London HQ reception area. [ more… ]

Bay Area Bike Share

First concept extract of on-street mapping created for the Bay Area Bike Share Scheme, San Francisco, directed by City ID

Leading wayfinding practitioners, City ID, asked Yellowfields to help develop the cartography for the Bay Area Bike Share project in San Francisco, USA. [ more… ]

Ham & Petersham

Map developed for a book, adhering to typographic and graphic styles

Nick Avery Design commissioned Yellowfields to produce a supporting map for a book designed for self‐​publishing author, Vanessa Fison. [ more… ]

Derby Riverside

Extract of mapping, including 3D landmarks, developed for Derby City Council for on-street wayfinding

Engaged by Derby City Council (DCC), Yellowfields has designed and produced the mapping for four new wayfinding signs. [ more… ]

Walks of Churchill

Map developed for a book, adhering to typographic and graphic styles

Yellowfields was commissioned by Nick Avery Design to design and produce two maps to be used in a walking tour guide on Winston Churchill. [ more… ]

Zombies, Run!

Imaginary geography created for a board game, ’Zombies, Run!’

A rather unusual request arrived from Six to Start, an independent games developer and entertainment company based in London. [ more… ]

Samlesbury Hall

Extract of the visitor map created for Samlesbury Hall Trust

Yellowfields was engaged by Samlesbury Hall Trust, who maintain and run the historic house and grounds in Lancashire of the same name, to re‐​design and produce a new visitor plan and accompanying floorplans. [ more… ]

Wayfinding Mapping, UAE

Design intent for wayfinding mapping for a site in the UAE

Yellowfields was engaged by Progress Creative, based in Dubai, to assist them develop the pedestrian mapping for a new mixed development west of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). [ more… ]

Waddesdon Manor

Extract of a visitor map developed for the National Trust property, Waddesdon Manor

Engaged by The Rothschild Foundation, Yellowfields was asked to re‐​design and produce a new visitor map for their impressive and extensive National Trust property and grounds in Buckinghamshire, Waddesdon Manor. [ more… ]

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