Jason’s current research and interests focus on the way (democratised) technologies are shaping mapping activity and the emerging forms of cartographic (re)presentation. He is particularly interested in how we approach mapping environments, experiences and information—and how these expressions are reframing our response to, and engagement with, all forms of geospatial data.

He is a member of Estranged Space, a group of spatial practitioners who create site-responsive interventions within spaces which are contested, unsettling, peripheral and displaced—exploring notions of perception, (re)interpretation, narrative and place.

Derby Riverside Mapping


Engaged by Derby City Council in August 2016, Jason has designed and produced the mapping for four new wayfinding signs.

Walks of Churchill

In August, Jason was commissioned by Nick Avery Design to design and produce two maps to be used in a walking tour guide on Winston Churchill.

Zombies, Run! Map

A rather unusual request arrived in June from Six to Start, an independent games developer and entertainment company based in London.

Samlesbury Hall Plans

In May, Jason was engaged by Samlesbury Hall Trust, who maintain and run the historic house and grounds in Lancashire of the same name, to re-design and produce a new grounds/visitor plan and accompanying floorplans.

Yas South, United Arab Emirates


In February, Jason was engaged by Progress Creative, based in Dubai, to assist them devlop the pedestrian mapping for a new mixed development at Yas South, west of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Waddesdon Manor Map

Engaged by The Rothschild Foundation, Jason was asked to re-design and produce a new visitor map for their impressive and extensive National Trust property and grounds in Buckinghamshire, Waddesdon Manor.