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Studio Yellowfields enjoys collaborating with creatives from all fields, employing craft, design and technology to create new outcomes for our clients, particularly in the fields of placemaking and wayfinding, narratives of place and space, and environmental design and graphics. The most notable include:

City ID

Jason has been fortunate to be able to assist this world-leading practice for the last 10 years, and continues to do so. City ID develop unique design, information and wayfinding solutions to integrate people, movement and places. They are urbanists, planners and designers with a global reputation for improving the legibility and experience of cities and transport systems. Skills are drawn from a range of specialisms including urban design, transport planning, project management, environmental psychology, graphic design, information design and place branding. These skills are balanced with a pragmatic approach to planning, building, funding and sustaining projects that have an ongoing legacy and proven track-record.

Mathew Emmett

Mathew, architect and artist, collaborates with Studio Yellowfields on projects defined by his research vehicle, Estranged Space. It examines spaces which are behind, between, beneath or otherwise separated from normative spaces—which are there, but forgotten or neglected—the liminal, the beyond, the uncanny, the elsewhere—the ‘estranged’. Through spatial practice and interventions, Mathew works with us to encourage new ways of understanding and reading space; amplifying the hidden narratives within spaces, re-presenting and re-framing them.

Group Emmett Design

Group Emmett Design Architects have a passion to provide innovative and contemporary solutions that are both resilient and sustainable. The Practice recognises the importance of how the built environment responds to and resolves social, ecological and environmental concerns on a local and global scale. This unique assimilation of individual skills, awards, experience and knowledge is brought together in a collective and imaginative manner. Working in a wide variety of sectors, the Practice is able to draw upon an extensive repertoire including contemporary homes, cultural centres, renovation, landscape, historic and listed buildings, hospitality, ecclesiastical, commercial, education, leisure, sport and health.

Patrycja (Trysh) Metlewicz

Trysh is fostering a career in the field of sustainable destination development, with a focus on environmental change and global sustainability through the intersection of research, entrepreneurship and innovation. A dedicated team player and fluent in English, French, German, Luxembourgish and Polish, Trysh engages with a wide-range of businesses and communities to take on new projects in cross-cultural environments, leading to actions creating sustainable environments and resilient communities.