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This website https://www.yellowfields.co.uk (or https://yellowfields.co.uk) is the official site of Jason Clark, trading as Yellowfields. It is a business–to–business service delivering cartographic, graphic, illustrative and visualisation outputs and consultancy.

+44 (0)7941 807150 | hello@yellowfields.co.uk

Details of Yellowfields standard terms and conditions, professional code of conduct and professional indemnity insurance are available on request.


All works shown here are copyright of Jason Clark (t/a Yellowfields) or his respective clients, as marked. Image extracts shown here are allowed under the standard terms and conditions of engagement. No reproduction is allowed by other parties without the permission of the owner.


Nothing but html and css here. No forms. No tracking. No invasive adverts. No bloated WordPress code with nosey plugins. No cookies. Nowt, zip, zilch. As a visitor you do not have to submit any personal information in order to use the website. No attempt is made to find out the identities of those visiting this website. If you get in touch, your contact details only as far as is necessary to enable us to conduct business together. Your details will never be passed on to a third party.

This privacy notice does not cover the links or embedded media within this site linked to other websites. There is no intention to expose you to third parties, so you are encouraged to read the privacy notices on other websites you visit as a result.


Yellowfields will conduct all activities, whether concerned with professional practice or associated travel, in order to minimise its carbon footprint and impact upon the environment; aspiring to a ‘zero-carbon’ position. All materials and services sourced will be environmentally sustainable wherever possible.

Updated: October, 2021.