Yellowfıelds* Spatial Information Design

Kapow Primary [2023–]


Kapow Primary produce engaging, knowledge-rich and progressive curriculums and lesson plans for foundation subjects, including teacher CPD videos and planning materials. Jason was first commissioned by Kapow Primary in 2023, to create an Eckert IV projection of the world, to replace the previous Mercator projection. As a first stage advancement over the established distortion problems associated with the over-used Mercator projection, the new Eckert IV projection was built with various layers of geographical features to meet the curriculum requirements in geography. Since then, Jason has continued to create numerous maps as resources for the subjects of geography and history, which are used in static and animated learning forms.

Latin America
“At Kapow Primary, we create high-quality educational resources that engage and inspire. Our collaboration with Jason has been instrumental in enhancing our content with accurate and visually appealing maps. Jason’s skill and attention to detail have ensured we now have a complete set of consistent maps across our scheme. He has been quick to respond, cooperative in taking feedback, answering our questions and effective in making necessary amends, ensuring his products met our needs. His work has enriched our videos, resources and presentations, receiving positive feedback around clarity and quality. We highly recommend Jason for any project requiring top-notch cartographic expertise and will hopefully continue working with him in the future.”

—Sarah Lawson-Quick, Kapow Primary

Antarctica Ring of Fire Eckert IV projection

[ The extract(s) shown here are not at scale ]