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Mapping Insights hosts a series of articles on topics relevant to cartographic theory and practice, posted monthly. They are intended as introductions to topics rather than in-depth review or analysis, to provoke further investigation and interest in the extensive discipline that is cartography.

Throughout 2024, articles will also be posted on my Substack, which will become my primary platform by the end of the year for exploring themes on cartography… and related subjects.

Upcoming topics

  • Elements of a map
  • The democratisation of mapping
  • Mapping apps and tools
  • The state of cartography
  • Map communication models
  • Generalisation and simplification
  • What is GIS?
  • The atlas
  • Too much storytelling?
  • Copyright and intellectual property
  • Space Syntax
  • Pictogram design
  • Cartography as art
  • Forgotten mapping techniques
  • AI and the future of mapping


Delaunay triangulation

A branch of computational geometry that is often employed within spatial analysis and within 3D visualisation.

The map-making process

A list of considerations to help you if you are thinking about commissioning a map.

Independent vs in-house

What advantages are there in engaging the independent or self-employed practitioner?

Graph theory

A mathematical theory core to many mapping techniques and applications.


Do you work with maps? Then you have a degree of graphicacy, but what is it?


The Cartographer
A Map-making Practice
Selected Map Works
Map Art


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