Swiss National Mapping

Swiss topography has long been regarded as the epitome of this form of mapping, often characterised by the iconic hill shading techniques of the late Eduard Imhof, professor of cartography at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo) has not rested on it’s laurels and has continued to advance it’s mapping products. In order to keep pace with modern analogue and digital requirements, swisstopo released a new National Map for Switzerland; their core 1:25,000 scale series, together with a new, fully automated, 1:10,000 series. Essentially, these new maps have become a litle more colourful and make much greater use of the classical Swiss typeface, Frutiger. Personally, I feel they are a well-judged evolution of the original series, maintaining the character yet embodied of the 21st Century.

Admittedly, this started a few years ago, but it is still ongoing in terms of refinement and worth visiting now as an almost complete suite of maps, although I would call this an atlas. The entire range of maps and geodata, including specific relief shading forms, can be explored on swisstopo’s very well implemented online interactive map tool. The browser-based tool provides over 150 layers of data including current and historical aerial photographs, a range of thematic data, geology, split screen map comparisons… and let’s not forget the obligatory 3D view!

I’m naturally biased, with my love of (mid-century and vintage) Swiss design, but I would still encourage you to explore this further. What more could you want from a national mapping organisation? I know, there’s always more yet to be imagined!


February, 2017

Map Communication

Map communication model

Cartography is an art and a science, and has strong links to many fields, from geography to graphic arts. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that a map may imbue the character of the authoring cartographer. [ … ]

Elements of a Map

Elements of a map

When discussing the fundamental elements of a map we are more often than not referring to the visual presentation, or composition, of the map. [ … ]

Writing a Mapping Brief

CARTOGRAPHERS (map designers) work like many others engaged in design fields—they need clear briefs. Not only does a clear brief help the cartographer, but more importantly, it helps you structure your thoughts and clarify objectives. [ … ]


I’ve posted this article for no more reason than to demonstrate one of the best and easiest to use browser-based 3D viewers available, not to mention an excellent resource of 3D models—Sketchfab. [ … ]


No sooner had I picked up on one new online mapping framework, the OS Open Zoomstack, than another appears! Illustreets follows the usual formula, but with each new framework that gets released [ … ]

OS Open Zoomstack

The world of online mapping frameworks moves apace! Now, even the monolithic mapping organisation, the Ordnance Survey, is involved. In July, they launched OS Open Zoomstack, providing vector tiles of their open data themes. [ … ]

Visual Thinking

Having been embedded within graphic design and cartography for 30 years now, one recurring disappointment for me is the amount of ‘new’ conceptual and theoretical thinking, and object creation, that really is not new. [ … ]

Uber—who would thought—have released, an open-source geospatial toolbox. It’s designed to provide the easiest way of visualising geospatial data and gaining useful insights. [ … ]


Not to be confused with Mapbox’s nonsensical hijacking of the term for creating colour styles, cartograms are extraordinary map types. The relaunch of Worldmapper in April 2018 celebrates this form of mapping. [ … ]

Google Earth

When it was first released 16 years ago, it was an incredible virtual experience to be able to travel around the globe and look at anywhere in a level of detail previously not seen, and it still is today! [ … ]

National Geographic

Since the very first issue in 1888, the National Geographic magazine has been the benchmark for quality researched articles supported by well-crafted graphics. [ … ]

Heightfield 3D Model

There is always an aspect of work that emerges out of error, experimentation and/or serendipity. [ … ]

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