Yellowfıelds* Spatial Information Design

Sandringham Estate, GB [2023]

Extract from the pocket guide

Many historic houses and gardens are represented by poor, often highly illustrative ‘maps’, that whilst they have a childish charm, do not serve the visitor well in terms of information or clear wayfinding guidance, nor especially when it comes to accessibility. Commissioned by Wellies & Wi-FI Creative, on behalf of the Sandringham Estate, Jason was asked to redesign the existing dated estate map in a modern and cleaner style, on brand, and to provide more information on wayfinding and the estate’s offer. Jason also created car park orientation boards, incorporating the mapping, as well as the Sandringham in Bloom event leaflet.

One of the car park orientation boards Sandringham in Bloom leaflet spread

[ The extract(s) shown here are not at scale ]